Ablution Containers

Ablution Containers

Shipping container converted into a partition washroom with showers, toilets, urinal, washbasins depending on client’s specific need and requirements.

Wall Finish by ceramic tiles, and gypsum boards for the ceiling.

20ft produces up to 12 toilets and may be separated into gents, ladies, disabled, children, etc. depending on the customer’s specific needs.

Ideal for schools, construction sites, pay toilets in urban centers, schools, colleges etc.

Making the most cost effective, easy and fast to acquire ablution units.

We at Frontier Containers understand the requirement for elective ablution units that are practical, simple and quick to secure and also adequate and clean. We give urinal ablution units, kids units and in addition ordinary grown-up units. A large portion of our ablution units are exceptional requirements cognizant where maybe a couple corners are put aside particularly to serenely suit the disabled.

Frontier Containers offers an extent of changed ablutions containers, made to your meet particulars mirroring the most bewildering measures of apparatus and workmanship required for this sort of utilization. From mix male/female ablutions, ablutions units with changing room offices, or greater units to deal with an entire camp. Frontier Containers has the ability to supply any kind of ablution unit required for your necessities.

We likewise can supply Multi-House Ablution Units. As most of these units are immediately available (in the standard plan) they can be assembled and conveyed to site in significantly less time than a changed more than ones.

Our ablutions containers can either associate with a sewerage line, if there is one contiguous, if not really, the waste can be disposed of synthetically. The extensive thing about these ablution units is that they can adjust to high measures of development without exchanging off on cleanliness.

They can be adjusted to your particular and can contain additional showers, bowls and urinals as indicated by your request. Ablution containers are the ideal response for latrine offices at occasions. Notwithstanding whether it’s a couple of motion pictures shoot, music festivity or a wearing occasion, these bathing squares will ensure that your guests are comfortable. What’s more is that these workplaces can be easily moved if required, making them both financially practical and accommodating

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